ATL -> DFW -> SLC -> DFW -> ATL

I don’t do a whole lot of traveling for my job and after the above trip I don’t understand how some people do it every week. Yikes!

The first stop on the tour last week was a visit to Usability Sciences in Dallas, TX for some usability testing on the new site we are getting ready to launch. Testing went well and it always amazes me the kind of feedback and insight you can get from a few users over a couple hours.

After Dallas, it was off to Salt Lake City for the Omniture client summit. I gave a presentation on site search and got to meet a lot of people that I work with at Omniture but had never met in person.

After the Omniture Summit, I stayed in Salt Lake for a few days and headed up to one of my favorite spots on the planet: Snowbird, UT. Since moving to Atlanta from Vermont I have not got out on my snowboard very much so it is always a treat to get some turns in! I was hoping for some deep snow but all I got was a lot of sunshine! It was the warmest conditions I have ever seen in Snowbird. It was 68 degrees at the base (8000 feet) on Saturday!!!! The whole mountain was like a giant slush puppie! Although I would have preferred it to be 10 degrees out, dumping snow, and blowing 20-30 at the top, it was still fun to get out and work on my tan.

I left Utah on Sunday night and headed back to Dallas for some more testing. We finished up on Tuesday night and headed back to Atlanta. Trucking the snowboarding gear with me to Dallas was no fun and I got some odd looks bringing the snowboard into the hotel but overall a very productive trip!

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