Our Wedding Day at Flint Hill in Norcross Georgia

On April 13th, 2008 in Norcross, Georgia Crystal and I got married at Flint Hill!

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The Day Before Our Wedding & The Rehearsal Dinner

On April 12th, the day before our wedding we got all our friends and family together for a hike up Stone Mountain!

Later that evening, we held the rehearsal dinner at our neighborhood clubhouse

We also played a video slideshow highlighting photos of us growing up and then our relationship together.

Video Slideshow Album

Wedding Albums




Happy New Year!

Wanted to take a minute and wish everybody a happy new year! Here’s to 2008 being better than 2007!


Wedding planning update

Things are in full swing and we have made some great progress on the wedding plans. April 13’th will be just around the corner!

Well those are the major items! Lot’s more little things to do. For more details on our wedding you can view our web site on the


House Cleaning on

I have done a little house cleaning on the website and implemented the new K2 theme for WordPress. Here are a few of the changes:

  • It has some neat new Ajax functions that improve search and navigation.
  • 3 column layout to get more information on the page.
  • All the links are now search engine friendly and easy to read.
  • Fast loading XHTML/CSS design
  • Great widget interface for modifying things on the page

Let me know what you think!


My use it or lose it vacation

I am on my “use it or lose it” vacation this week! At Home Depot your vacation time does not carry over so I had to start taking some. Looking forward to catching up on some house projects, doing some photography, relaxing, and maybe even writing some more posts!


We have set a wedding date: April 13th 2008!

This news certainly deserved a post! After almost 18 months we finally got our act together and set a wedding date. Crystal and I will be getting married on April 13th 2008 at “Flint Hill” in Norcross GA. We wanted a “Southern Mansion” style wedding and we are really excited about Flint Hill. It was exactly what we wanted: a good balance of history, modern ballroom, and beautiful gardens for an outside ceremony. Now I am busy planning all the details. 🙂


Back to blogging…..

I just realized that I did not write a single post in the month of April! Time to get back to finishing my foundations of personal finance and move onto some more topics.

Work has been crazy latley as we are in the home stretch now of getting ready to launch the new site. I have ben working on this for over 18 months so I am looking forward to getting it done!


First Post!

After reading lots of blogs over the past couple of years I have decided to start my own here at I have moved the pages about my consulting business over here.

I am still working on figuring out what topics I will talk about, but here are some of my first thoughts:

This is my day job and what gets me up every morning. I love the industry and how it has fundamentally changed the way business is done around the world. The pace of change is incredible and the growth rates of internet businesses are far out pacing the off-line world. It is an exciting time to be in this business!

Personal Finance
Over the past couple years personal finance has become a topic I have become more interested as I have become to understand it. The more I know the more I want to learn. I hope to help share some of my learnings here.

Career Coaching
This topic has evolved as I have moved around in my career and learned a lot from some very bright people around me. Since I don’t have 20 years experience I will focus my thoughts on tips and tricks for those just starting out.

OK I admit it. I am a closet computer nerd. Every once in a while I will be having a conversation with someone and it will just come out. Watch out, it can catch you off guard 🙂

Online marketing and Ecommerce go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. Look for this blog to highlight innovative marketing programs that online retailers are using.

Lots more coming!



My Archive Project

I am writing this post on 12/17/2019, but I have dated it 2/16/2007 which is the day before my first post and the launch of this blog.

I have not written a lot of content on the site since it launched in 2007. As I get older and my memory starts to fade (ok my memory is terrible!) I wanted to start documenting and publishing some of the key events and milestones in my life. One of the reasons I got into Photography was so I could capture these moments.  I love going back and looking through my SmugMug Albums and reliving so many of these great memories.  Over time, I will hopefully build on more of these posts to fill out the archives.