Victoria’s Secret Drops N2N Commerce

Techcrunch is reporting that Victoria Secret has dropped N2N commerce. Wow! This is big news as N2N had made a huge push in the last year to gain a footing in the competitive ecommerce platform space. I even think they were the lead sponsor at or Internet-Retailer this year!

This is really disappointing as I thought they had a good idea with this model. I helped implement Demandware at Gardener’s Supply which was the underlying technology behind N2N. I hope this decision will not have a ripple effect with Demandware as I think they still have a great offering.

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Sears and Spyware

This post detailing Sears’ use of tracking software is unbelievable! Sears is one of my top 5 competitors so I follow them pretty closely and this is big news. The VP’s response and the counterpoints are even more amazing.

You might have yourself covered from a legal perspective (page 10 of a 26 page privacy policy) but you are undermining your customers. People take privacy seriously. If you are going to install tracking software that monitors all internet behavior it better be explicit, in 20 point font, with a VERY clear OPT IN. With that said, I would never have approved something like this. I wonder what they were doing with the data and if they were getting any value out of it.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes them to pull this down

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