St. Martin Trip Report Day 6

We got an early start at 8am this morning and headed to Orient Beach. I had planned on going diving this morning but the trip got canceled so we headed over to Brice’s Paradise for another beautiful day at the beach.

Crystal wanted to go parasailing and since neither of us had done it we thought it would be fun to try. The views of Orient Bay were awesome and we got some great photos. We also have some video but I need to edit out all the wind noise.

After Parasailing we headed to Baywatch for lunch. Crystal had a garlic scallop caesar salad  and I had the philly cheese steak. Both were excellent but we will give Brice’s lunch from Monday a slight edge over today’s Baywatch lunch.

After lunch we spent some time swimming in Orient Bay and I was trying to figure out what to do in the afternoon. I could not decide between scuba diving, kitesurfing, or windsurfing! In the end I dusted off the windsurfing cobwebs and rented some gear from Wind-Adventures. The wind was in the 12-14 knot range so I grabbed a 7.4 sail and a 120L board. It was not 100% planing conditions but it was close. I had not done much windsurfing since my time in Aruba 9 years ago but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I still remember what I am doing :)

I only lasted about 90 minutes before I was totally exhausted but it was just long enough to remind me how much I love (and miss) windsurfing!  I really need to get back into it when I am back in Atlanta or get a trip planned to Aruba :)

We finished off the day with a swim in the Princess Heights pool. Tomorrow we are going to Anguilla aboard Bluebeard 3 it should be a fun day!

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St. Martin Trip Report Day 5

We got an early start this morning since we had a boat to catch at 9am. We left Princess Heights at 8am. It usually takes us about 20 minutes to get to Simpson Bay.  Today I felt like I was back in Atlanta rush hour traffic and it took us 45 minutes! We made it through the traffic jam and stopped at La Sucriere in Simpson Bay to grab some croissants and chocolate crosissants. Crystal had been looking forward to these all week and they did not disappoint!

We arrived at the Lady C floating dock to board the Bluebeard 3 Heineken Boat for our day sail to Prickly Pear. Prickly Pear is a small uninhabited island located off the west coast of St. Maarten with a stunning beach and crystal clear water:

The sail over is just under 2 hours and the seas were pretty calm so it was awesome to just sit up on deck with the breeze bowing and take in the beautiful scenery:

When we got to Prickly Pear we went snorkeling and saw lots of great fish including a blowfish, stingray, and baby sand shark. We also saw a huge school of fish swimming in unison that was pretty cool. Unfortunately we missed the sea turtles and baracuda that a few other people reported seeing. Last year we made the mistake of snorkeling without shirts on and we both got REALLY bad sun burns. We did not make that mistake again this year and came armed with my windsurfing lycra shirts and SPF 50! Glad to report that there was no sunburn for us this year although it looked like lots of other people on the boat made the same mistake we did last year.

After snorkeling, we had a great lunch on Prickly Pear and spent some time walking the beautiful beach. On last year’s return sail we had a drunk teenager go overboard! I am glad to report that this year’s trip did not provide that kind of excitement! The crew of Bluebeard 3 does a fantastic job at taking care of everybody on board and it was another great day. We highly recommend this trip to anyone visiting St. Martin.

After getting back to Simpson Bay we headed to Skip Jacks for dinner. We got a table on the water over looking Simpson Lagoon. I ordered grouper stuffed with crab and Crystal ordered shrimp linguini in a white cream sauce. Both dishes were outstanding and the total bill came to $53. I put this meal in a tie with our dinner at Big Fish on Sunday for our best meal on the island. We might have to make a 2nd trip back to Skip Jacks.

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